TELE-Health Virtue Consultation


Basic Health Consultation (30 Min)
Intermediate Health Consultation (60 min)
Advanced Health Consultation (90 min)

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“Telehealth” is the wide range of assessment, management, and education tools that improve the overall healthcare experience. These include, but are not at all limited to:

  • Clinical assessment, monitoring and management
  • Health guidance and counseling
  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Professional education


  • Quality of care and engagement
  • Convenient and accessible health care
  • Reduction in commute and travel, especially in rural distant areas
  • Quicker access to specialty provider for consults
  • Direct access to educational and research resources

Virtual real time healthcare has made it earlier to access health and wellbeing resources at the fingers of technology.  At the Naturopath Connection, we have now included another avenue to quickly reach out and connect with us within the convenience of your own personal environment. Video conferencing and telecommunications are HIPAA Compliant

Basic Health Consultation (30 Min)  
Intermediate Health Consultation (60 min)  
Advanced Health Consultation (90 min)  

  • Outsources Lab setup 
  • All Lab Evaluation & Results
    DNA Health Test, Outsourced Lab Analytics, Biochemistry, Iridology,  or Orthomolecular Evaluation Results
  • Nutritional Remediation
  • Supplement Remediation
  • Basic Customized Wellness Plan
  • Integrative & Function Medicine Remediation
  • Mental Health Remediation
  • Spiritual Analysis Consultation
  • Advanced Customized Wellness Plan

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Consult Series

Basic 30 Min Consultation, Intermediate 60 Min Consultation, Advance 90 Min Consultation


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