Orthomolecular Therapy Program


  • BIO Analysis Program
  • Orthomolecular Nutrition Analysis 
  • Detoxification Plan 
  • Basic Nutritional Supplements – Addl Cost


Monthly Program – Recommended minimum 3-9 Months

This program is design to give clients a baseline health evaluation and based on the evaluation and focus on individualized detoxification plan, and coaching tools to optimize health.


Program Benefits

  • Get your a baseline health number (full understanding of biochemistry stats)
    Easier to make daily lifestyle changes
  • Detoxification (Boost Energy, Rid Toxicity, Build Immunity)
  • Weight Loss
  • Improvements on whole body wellness (connection of the mind, body, & spirit)
  • Supplemental Care to Adjust PH

PROGRAM Biochemistry Analysis, Orthomolecular Analysis, Bach Flower Remedy, Detoxification Plan, Natural Health Consultation, Energy Balancing Alignment, Basic Nutritional Supplements – Addl Cost